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Ex-Top Tokyo Prosecutor Escapes Indictment over Gambling

Ex-Top Tokyo Prosecutor Escapes Indictment over Gambling

   Tokyo, July 10 (Jiji Press)--Public prosecutors on Friday decided not to indict former top Tokyo prosecutor Hiromu Kurokawa, who has been accused of playing mahjong for money, including when Japan was under a novel coronavirus state of emergency earlier this year.
   In questioning by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, Kurokawa, the 63-year-old former superintending prosecutor at the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, has admitted gambling on mahjong with three employees of the Asahi Shimbun and the Sankei Shimbun, both major Japanese dailies.
   The district public prosecutors office dismissed the habitual gambling and bribe-taking suspicions against Kurokawa. He was alleged to have accepted bribes by the use of luxury taxis hired by the Sankei side, which paid the costs, when returning home after playing mahjong.
   All of the three Asahi and Sankei employees also escaped indictment.
   As reasons for not indicting Kurokawa, the office said that mahjong is a form of entertainment permitted under the law regulating adult entertainment and amusement business and that he played mahjong with the newspaper employees of the as entertainment. Kurokawa did not make large bets on mahjong games and has already been socially punished, the office added.

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