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(Update) Kumamoto Disaster Relief Worker Found with Novel Coronavirus

(Update) Kumamoto Disaster Relief Worker Found with Novel Coronavirus

   Kumamoto, July 13 (Jiji Press)--A city employee from Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, western Japan, dispatched for disaster relief efforts to the southwestern prefecture of Kumamoto, has been found to be infected with the novel coronavirus, the Kumamoto government said Monday.
   The employee from the Kagawa capital is a public health nurse in his 30s, according to the Kumamoto prefectural government.
   He assisted the management of shelters set up at a junior high school in the city of Hitoyoshi and at a former high school in the town of Taragi for the four days through Saturday. A total of some 400 evacuees and relief workers from Kumamoto and other prefectures may have had contact with the man, according to Kumamoto Prefecture.
   The Takamatsu municipal employee "was always wearing a face mask, so we believe the chance that he infected others at the evacuation centers is low," a Kumamoto Prefecture official said. Kumamoto suffered widespread flood damage due to downpours caused by a seasonal rain front earlier this month.
   At the shelters, the male nurse checked the health condition of evacuees and set up cardboard beds, partitions and other facilities. He is not showing any symptoms linked to the virus while how he caught it has not been identified.

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