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(Update) Japan, Britain Reach Broad Trade Agreement

(Update) Japan, Britain Reach Broad Trade Agreement

   Tokyo, Sept. 11 (Jiji Press)--Japan and Britain have reached a broad accord on bilateral trade, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said Friday after holding a video conference with British International Trade Secretary Liz Truss the same day.
   The broad agreement was struck just three months after the two economies entered negotiations, with preferential tariff measures applied for trade between Japan and Britain under the economic partnership agreement between Japan and the European Union set to expire at the end of this year due to Britain's exit from the single market.
   The bilateral deal was made "within the scope of the Japan-EU EPA," Motegi told a press conference, stressing that Japanese automobile exports to Britain will continue to be promoted and Japanese farmers will remain protected.
   In London, Truss said, "This is a historic moment for the UK and Japan as our first major post-Brexit trade deal."
   "The UK has just signed a major Free Trade Agreement with Japan. We have taken back control of our trade policy & will continue to thrive as a trading nation outside the EU," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in his Twitter feed, at a time when Britain-EU trade talks are hitting a snag.

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