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(Update) Japan to Start "Go To Event" Campaign in Mid-Oct.

(Update) Japan to Start "Go To Event" Campaign in Mid-Oct.

   Tokyo, Sept. 25 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government's novel coronavirus subcommittee, at a meeting Friday, gave the nod to the start in mid-October of the "Go To Event" campaign aimed at supporting pandemic-battered public events.
   In the program, ticket prices to various events, including concerts, sports games, movies and performing arts, and admission fees for, among others, museums and amusement parks will be discounted to spur demand. Coupons for goods sold at event sites will be issued.
   The approval of the experts' panel came after the government eased on Saturday restrictions on the number of people that can attend public events in an effort to revitalize economic and social activities. The move has allowed tens of thousands of fans to go to professional baseball and soccer games, the most popular sports events in the country, per day.
   Simultaneously with the event promotional program, the government plans to launch another Go To campaign to assist retailers and other relatively small businesses located along shopping streets in luring customers. The plan was also approved by the panel.
   Meanwhile, the subcommittee proposed that the government call on people to travel in small groups at different times to avoid coronavirus outbreaks, expecting the number of participants in the Go To Travel campaign to shoot up with the addition of Tokyo to areas covered by the initiative to revive the coronavirus-devastated tourism industry.

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