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Confectioner Vows to Live with River after Typhoon Hagibis

Confectioner Vows to Live with River after Typhoon Hagibis

   Motomiya, Fukushima Pref., Oct. 12 (Jiji Press)--Yukio Kubota, 56, had his confectionery shop in northeastern Japan damaged by the flooding of a river from powerful Typhoon Hagibis, which struck the country a year ago.
   Still, the Abukuma River has always been a spiritual support for the third-generation owner of "Kasho Kineya," who managed to restart the shop two months after the disaster. "I've lived with the river since childhood, so I'll keep working here," Kubota says.
   The flooding devastated a shopping street along the river in the city of Motomiya, Fukushima Prefecture. Kasho Kineya is one of some 20 shops on the street.
   The typhoon killed seven people in Motomiya. Although Kubota and members of his family were safe, the floodwater reached a height of about 1.6 meters inside the store building, which was also used as the family's home, leaving an oven and all other confectionery equipment out of order.
   "I had never seen the river being so terrifying," Kubota recalls. Making every effort for reconstruction, Kubota was able to reopen the shop in December. He was also encouraged by customers, with one of them saying to him, "I want to buy a birthday cake at your shop," and another asking, "Can you get ready in time for Christmas?"

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