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(Update 4) Japan's Daily Coronavirus Cases Hit Record 7,528

(Update 4) Japan's Daily Coronavirus Cases Hit Record 7,528

   Tokyo, Jan. 7 (Jiji Press)--The daily number of novel coronavirus infection cases confirmed in Japan marked a record high of 7,528 on Thursday, far exceeding the previous daily record of slightly over 6,000, set on Wednesday.
   In Tokyo, the daily count came to 2,447, topping 2,000 for the first time. New cases also hit a record high in Saitama Prefecture, at 460, Chiba Prefecture, at 450, and Kanagawa Prefecture, at 679. The Japanese government decided Thursday to declare a fresh state of emergency over the coronavirus epidemic for Tokyo and the three prefectures bordering the Japanese capital.
   As of Thursday, the number of patients with severe symptoms of the COVID-19 disease blamed on the virus stood at a record high of 796 nationwide, up by 12 from the previous day, while 37 new COVID-19 deaths were confirmed.
   Of the people newly found with the virus in Tokyo, 666 are in their 20s, 552 in their 30s, 408 in their 40s and 303 in their 50s. Those aged 65 or over, with high risks of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, accounted for 264. The number of severely ill COVID-19 patients in Tokyo under the metropolitan government's standards rose by eight from the previous day to a record 121.
   Infections are spreading rapidly across the country, with new cases hitting a record high in Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto, all in western Japan, at 607, 284 and 143, respectively. The three prefectures are considering asking the central government for their addition to the list of prefectures covered by the fresh state of emergency.

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