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(Update 2) NHK to Reduce Viewer Fees in FY 2023

(Update 2) NHK to Reduce Viewer Fees in FY 2023

   Tokyo, Jan. 13 (Jiji Press)--Japanese public broadcaster NHK said Wednesday that it will lower its viewer fees in fiscal 2023, but its leader, Terunobu Maeda, stopped short of clarifying whether the reduction will be a permanent measure.
   The fee reform plan is included in its business program for fiscal 2021 to fiscal 2023, announced on the day. Specifically, NHK, or Japan Broadcasting Corp., will implement the reduction using about 70 billion yen, equivalent to some 10 pct of its annual viewer fee revenue, totaling around 700 billion yen, mainly from its surplus funds.
   At a press conference, Maeda said that monthly fees for a satellite television broadcast contract which also includes terrestrial TV services, currently set at 2,170 yen, can be reduced by 300 yen for a year if 70 billion yen in resources is used to cover the costs. Meanwhile, he added that he cannot say at the moment the fee cut will be a temporary or permanent measure.
   Of the resources for the fee cut, NHK will secure 40 billion yen out of its 145-billion-yen surplus estimated at the end of fiscal 2020, 20 billion yen by saving the costs for the construction of a new broadcasting center in Tokyo through downsizing the facility from the initial plan, and 10 billion yen in estimated surplus in fiscal 2023.
   The business program said that the broadcaster will study the integration of its terrestrial and satellite TV viewer fee systems.

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