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Teaching Materials Created for Protecting Kids from Sexual Assaults

Teaching Materials Created for Protecting Kids from Sexual Assaults

   Tokyo, April 16 (Jiji Press)--Japan's education ministry has created teaching materials aimed at protecting children from sexual violence, for use at kindergartens and nursery schools, as well as at elementary, junior high and high schools.
   The materials teach children to say "no" and run away if someone makes them feel uncomfortable by looking at or touching their body parts that are covered by bathing suits. Examples of dating violence and assault cases involving social media are also illustrated in the teaching materials.
   It is the first time for the education ministry to create materials designed to teach ways to prevent victimization by sexual violence according to children's stage of development, the ministry said.
   The materials for young children and students in the lower grades of elementary school teach them that their mouth and face, in addition to body parts covered by bathing suits, are their private parts and that they should not let other people look at or touch those parts. The materials say children should talk to adults who they can trust if they felt uncomfortable by being touched by someone.
   For junior high and high school students, the teaching materials define sexual violence as undesirable sexual behavior. They explain that such acts may involve touching or may be done only through words and that anyone can be victimized, regardless of gender.

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