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Nearly Half of Former COVID-19 Patients Have Lingering Symptoms: Survey

Nearly Half of Former COVID-19 Patients Have Lingering Symptoms: Survey

   Tokyo, Sept. 11 (Jiji Press)--Nearly half of former COVID-19 patients have lingering symptoms such as smell disorder and a sense of malaise, according to the preliminary results of a recent survey in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward.
   The survey received responses from 3,710 of about 9,000 people who had been infected with the coronavirus in April. Such a large-scale survey covering people who had no or only mild symptoms, as well as those who were severely ill, is apparently rare in Japan.
   Of the respondents, 1,786, or 48.1 pct, said they were suffering lingering symptoms, with the proportion of such answers topping 50 pct among those in their 30s to 50s while standing at 14.3 pct among those under 10, the lowest level by age group.
   By symptom type, smell disorder was reported by 971 respondents, the most frequent answer, followed by 893 reports of general malaise, 801 reports of taste disorder, 433 reports of decreased concentration and 315 reports of hair loss.
   The survey suggested that people in their 10s to 30s are more likely to suffer taste disorder while those in their 40s or older have a tendency to feel general malaise.

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