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Windscreen Falls Off from F-2 Fighter of ASDF

Windscreen Falls Off from F-2 Fighter of ASDF

   Tokyo, Oct. 10 (Jiji Press)--A windscreen weighing some 90 kilograms fell off from an F-2 fighter jet of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force when it was flying over the city of Asakura in Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan, on Sunday afternoon.
   According to the Japanese Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office, no damage related to the fall of the windscreen has been confirmed.
   The ministry is searching for the fallen windscreen. It is also looking into the cause of the incident and checking if there are any abnormalities in other aircraft.
   At around 12:45 p.m. (3:45 a.m. GMT), the F-2 jet belonging to the ASDF's Tsuiki base in the town of Chikujo in Fukuoka scrambled against a plane of unidentified nationality that was feared to be violating Japan's airspace. About five minutes later, the windscreen covering the cockpit fell off when the fighter was flying over a mountainous area in Asakura.
   The windscreen is made of aluminum and acrylic glass. It is about one meter and 50 centimeters long, some 90 centimeters wide and around 80 centimeters in height. An emergency ladder weighing about 480 grams also fell off from the F-2 jet, which made an emergency landing at the Tsuiki base some 15 minutes after the incident.

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