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Full Vaccination Lowers Risk of Severe COVID-19 Symptoms: Study

Full Vaccination Lowers Risk of Severe COVID-19 Symptoms: Study

   Tokyo, Oct. 12 (Jiji Press)--People who contract COVID-19 after receiving two doses of the novel coronavirus vaccine have a far lower risk of becoming severely ill than unvaccinated patients, a major study by a Japanese medical institution showed Tuesday.
   Among elderly people aged 65 or over, the percentage of fully vaccinated coronavirus patients, or so-called breakthrough infection cases, requiring treatment in an intensive care unit was approximately a seventh of the share of such unvaccinated people, according to the study by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo.
   The percentage of deaths among fully vaccinated elderly patients was roughly a third of the death rate of unvaccinated people, the study showed.
   The study covered 3,417 people who were admitted to hospitals across Japan in July or later and reported to the national center by Sept. 22. Of them, around 90 pct had not been vaccinated or received only one dose.
   Of the 2,574 people who had clear records of the vaccination date, 54 people, or 2 pct, became infected with the coronavirus at least two weeks after the second dose, which is considered the time required for the vaccine to become fully effective.

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