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55 Pct of Kids in Japan Eager to Get COVID-19 Shots

55 Pct of Kids in Japan Eager to Get COVID-19 Shots

   Tokyo, Nov. 20 (Jiji Press)--A survey by a Japanese government-linked research institute has found that 55 pct of elementary school children in the country want to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus soon.
   In Japan, people aged 12 and up are currently eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. As vaccinations for kids aged 5-11 have started in the United States, a COVID-19 panel under Japan's health ministry is continuing discussions on whether a pediatric vaccination program should begin in the nation as well.
   Vaccinations of children in the 5-11 age group may kick off in Japan in February 2022 at the earliest if permission is given. But some remain cautious, noting that children tend to be asymptomatic or only show minor symptoms even if they are infected with the novel coronavirus.
   The survey by the National Center for Child Health and Development was conducted in September following the fifth wave of infections that hit the country this summer. A total of 1,271 children in the elementary school first grade to high school third grade, and 5,807 parents and other guardians gave answers.
   Of elementary school first-, second- and third-graders, 50 pct said they want to be vaccinated soon against the novel coronavirus, while the rate stood at 60 pct among fourth- to sixth-graders. Overall, the rate among elementary school children came to 55 pct, according to the survey.

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