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Sept. 10, 2019 14:00 UTC

FORCAS, InsideView, and Kyndi Team Up to Test and Develop a Scenario-Based-Analytics Platform, the Next Generation of Account Analytics Platform

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- B2B marketing platform provider FORCAS USA, LLC (FORCAS) today announced a collaborative program to develop a Scenario-Based-Analytics platform, a next generation account analytics platform targeting a wide range of customers from global SaaS companies to major Japanese enterprises. InsideView and Kyndi have joined the program as the first partner and test user, respectively.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

FORCASs Scenario-Based-Analytics platform provides actionable analytics by co-creating scenarios with users. Scenarios are digital flags that help identify the reasons why each customer purchased a product. In other words, scenarios serve to convert needs to accounts. FORCASs aim is to create an environment where great services can be swiftly delivered to the customers who need them.

The utilization of AI in ??B2B marketing is accelerating due to third-party data generation technology such as intent data, as well as the evolution of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. However, there are currently very few companies in which marketers have the ability to accurately apply the output derived from AI technology, given the different goals and expectations of Marketing and Sales teams.

FORCAS is creating a new form of analytics, one which enables Marketing to drive Sales by defining clear target accounts. Simply by inputting data on existing customers, users can access the most relevant, automatically integrated scenarios, which are tailor-made for their services, and gain analytical insights on potential customers .

Through this process, Marketing and Sales teams can realign themselves towards a fully customer-oriented approach that optimizes ROI and accelerates business growth.

This partnership between FORCAS, InsideView, and Kyndi looks to test Scenario-Based-Analytics functionality offered by the platform and ensure that it fits users services and creates actionable target lists. FORCAS has already carried out a successful co-creation experience with its first users in Japan and has expanded its services to reach and support a variety of new users, creating new value beyond the boundaries of users and services.

After receiving positive feedback in the Japanese market, FORCAS now aims to expand this innovative co-creation experience to the US market, and ultimately shape a future marketing platform which would allow users to create exactly what they need. Through this program, FORCAS will be continuously improving its algorithm cycle based on feedback from its test users in order to create the optimal tailor-made marketing platform for all of its users.

We are very excited to partner with FORCAS, and believe that Scenario-Based-Analytics will provide companies with the necessary analytical and actionable insights on their target accounts. With this next generation of account analytics, Sales and Marketing teams will have greater access to accurate and shared data on target accounts and prospects, removing one of the biggest blockers to Sales and Marketing alignment. said Tracy Eiler, CMO, InsideView.

We look forward to using the FORCAS solution to help accelerate our Go to Market Strategy. By using FORCAS scenarios, we will gain a deep understanding of our prospects and will be able to design clear stories to help those prospects under the compelling value Kyndi can deliver. said Amy Guarino, COO, Kyndi.

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FORCAS Scenario-Based-Analytics Platform provides actionable analytics by co-creating scenarios with users. Scenarios are digital flags that help identify the reasons why each customer purchased a product. In other words, scenarios serve to convert needs to accounts.

FORCAS USA, LLC was established in 2019 under the Uzabase Group as a B2B marketing platform provider targeting a wide range of customers from global SaaS companies to major Japanese enterprises. Its mission is "Co-Creating the B2B Marketing of Tomorrow".

About Uzabase Group
Established in 2008 under its mission "Business Intelligence to Change Your World", Uzabase Group aims to create an infrastructure for business intelligence that services every business person worldwide. Combining technological innovation with human ingenuity to organise and analyse business information from around the globe, Uzabase reshapes your world with services that improve your productivity and unleash your creativity. Services provided by the Group include B2B marketing platform "FORCAS", Global Business News Platform for the New Economy "Quartz", the Social Media Service for Business and Economic News "NewsPicks", and the Corporate and Industry Information Platform "SPEEDA".


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Hayato Ishino
Phone number: 415-960-5376

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