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Nov. 29, 2019 06:29 UTC

TENDO and AIST to Unveil a Multi-material Airplane!

Find the Latest Wood, Metal, and Plastic Composite Material Technologies at neo functional material 2020

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Converting Technical Institute and JTB Communication Design will hold neo functional material exhibition over the three days from Wednesday, January 29th to Friday the 31st, at Tokyo Big Sight.

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Aircraft concept model using functional environmentally friendly materials (Photo provided by TENDO CO., LTD.)

Aircraft concept model using functional environmentally friendly materials (Photo provided by TENDO CO., LTD.)

As a comprehensive functional materials exhibition, neo functional material brings together the latest in Japan’s cutting-edge functional films, resins, additives, and other materials that support the world. With the increasing demand for lighter cars and airplanes, greater focus is being placed on multi-materials consisting of organics, inorganics, metals, and composites, as well as the adhesive and joining technologies used to combine these dissimilar materials. In this light, TENDO and the AIST(*) Consortium Clayteam will unveil a multi-material airplane produced of fiber reinforced composites and molded plywood joined with dissimilar materials like domestic cedar wood, aluminum, and PC/ABS. The Composite materials and Neo functional paper/fiber zones will host cellulose nanofiber, CFRP, and other composites. Experience the next-generation of multi-material-based manufacturing at neo functional material exhibition as it brings together a wide variety of materials under one roof.
*National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

-------------------------- [ Exhibitor Pickup ] --------------------------

(random order)

  • TENDO / AIST Consortium Clayteam [Booth No. 3W-K17]
    Unveiling: Multi-material airplane made of molded plywood and fiber reinforced composites
    TENDO and AIST will display a multi-material airplane (concept model) made by joining soft, domestic cedar wood with dissimilar materials (aluminum, PC/ABS). This concept is attracting interest as an aspect of sustainable mobility that is also related to environmental measures and SDGs initiatives.
  • Oasa Electronics [3W-K17 (AIST Consortium Clayteam)]
    New Product: TS-A200 Series desktop high-resolution omnidirectional speaker made of Modified Lignin
    This speaker reproduces natural sound using a Heil Driver vibration film made of a polymer-clay composite that consists primarily of clay and a proprietary production approach that includes a film folding method. Made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic that contains Modified Lignin, a new material sourced from cedar, this vibration film is stronger, lighter, and produces less division vibration. Oasa Electronics will exhibit this speaker integrated into the airplane during the event.
  • ICHINEN CHEMICALS [3W-K17 (AIST Consortium Clayteam)]
    High-sensitivity Cr-N strain sensor for composite materials (jointly developed with the Research Institute for Electromagnetic Materials)
    Using a circuit substrate made by coating the surface of a metal sheet with an insulative clay coating agent for metal, ICHINEN CHEMICALS has realized a high-sensitivity strain sensor. This sensor can also be used with low-strain, high-strength composite materials.
    Revolution Fibres Xantu.Layr (nanofiber nonwoven)
    As the first commercially available nanofiber nonwoven in the world, Xantu.Layr is ideally suited to improving the performance of composite structures, which are susceptible to damage from collision and impact, layer separation, high flexure, and fatigue load. Sandwiching Xantu.Layr between sheets of carbon fiber cloth strengthens the resin layer, thereby potentially improving composite materials in terms of fracture toughness (layer peeling resistance), post-impact compression strength (damage tolerance), and fatigue resistance.
  • Kanai Juyo Kogyo [3W-C23]
    Carbon fiber nonwoven matrix, New Product: Heat dissipation nonwoven matrix
    This nonwoven is made entirely of PAN carbon fiber. It can be impregnated with thermosetting resin to produce prepreg sheets and can be mixed with synthetic resin fibers to produce matrixes for thermoplastic CFRP.
  • SEIKO PMC / KJ Chemicals [3W-G20]
    STARCEL CNF (Cellulose Nanofiber) Resin Composite Material Series
    STARCEL is used as one of the raw materials in running shoe midsoles.
  • Heraeus [4W-F04]
    Flashlamp-based humm3 heating lamp system
    The humm3 uses three parameters to control high-energy pulsed light suited to high-speed firing, thereby enabling precise heat profile settings that allow UD tape to be joined with dissimilar materials like aluminum alloys and titanium.

--------------------- [ Multi-material and Composite Material Technology - 35th AIST Clayteam Seminar ] ----------------------

January 29 (Wed.) 12:30-15:00 / Convertech Stage (West Hall 4)
“Characterization of adhesive dissimilar joint properties and analysis of the joint mechanism”
Shin Horiuchi, Chief Senior Researcher, Laboratory for adhesion and interfacial phenomena,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

“Multi-material softwood and its application to parts for automobile”
Kazuhiro Nakada, Assistant Manager, Technical Development Division, Manufacturing Department, TENDO CO., LTD.

*Pre-registration for free admission: http://convertechexpo.com/en/for_visitors.html
*Exhibitor Search: https://unifiedsearch.jcdbizmatch.jp/nanotech2020/en/convertech/search?page=0&items=1&order=1&e=E_61-E_62-E_63-
*Seminars : https://unifiedsearch.jcdbizmatch.jp/nanotech2020/en/sem/convertech

--------------------- Exhibition Outline ---------------------

neo functional material 2020 (Concurrent Events: JFlex / 3Decotech Expo)
January 29 (Wed.)- 31 (Fri.) 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3, 4
[ Organizer ] Converting Technical Institute [ Co-organizer ] JTB Communication Design


Converting Technology Exhibition Secretariat (c/o JTB Communication Design)
Contact persons: Ayumi Suzuki / Maiko Uchiyama
Tel: +81-3-5657-0761
Email: kinousei@jtbcom.co.jp

Source: neo functional material

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Aircraft concept model using functional environmentally friendly materials (Photo provided by TENDO CO., LTD.)

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