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Feb. 14, 2020 03:00 UTC

NIPPON Passport Secures 200 Million JPY in Pre-Series A Funding

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Nao Hashiguchi) announced that it has closed 200 million JPY in a pre-series A funding. The funding was led by private investors and business companies through a third-party allotment in a pre-series A funding round.

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Our Service “NP Pass” (Graphic: Business Wire)

Our Service “NP Pass” (Graphic: Business Wire)

The government of Japan shows the target to attract 60 million foreign tourists annually by 2030. NIPPON Passport launched a new service “NP Pass,” a service to attract customers, and the commission fee is 10% of the total sales as contingency fees. We lead foreign visitors to our affiliate shops and transfer them from one shop to another.

With this pre-series A financing, NIPPON Passport improve “NP Pass” app and provide a simple and easy-to-use service. We also develop our affiliate shops and agents. At the same time, we examine the scheme of attracting foreign visitors to Japan and using discount coupons (vouchers), solve problems, and establish a smooth scheme for our service. As the next step, we aim to achieve Series A funding (1 billion JPY) at the end of April 2020.

  • About Our Service “NP Pass”

NP Pass is a service that attracts and sends foreign visitors to Japan both on pre-trip and on a trip, and lead them to our affiliate shops and restaurants.

The commission is 10% of the total sales as contingency fees. This service includes promotions for foreign tourists to Japan and issuance of coupons (vouchers).


Initial cost: Free


Monthly usage fee: Free


Commission fee: 10% of the total sales as contingency fees

If you are interested in our business or would like to register for membership, please contact us.

Contact & Inquiries: info@nippon-passport.com

  • Comments from major shareholders

Shinsuke Hishiki: CEO, NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd.

Japan's population has been steadily decreasing. We believe that NIPPON Passport’s service makes significant headway in collaboration with NIPPON Platform related to tablet solutions, and transfers from attracting customers for tourism consumption to making solutions for paving the way for regional revitalization.

With expanding the business know-how that NIPPON Passport has cultivated in Japan to overseas market, NIPPON Passport will create a cross-border customer service.

First of all, we hope that organic collaboration with NIPPON Passport will be achieved nationwide as soon as possible!

  • Comments from our board of directors

Nao Hashiguchi: President, NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd.

Our target is to attract 60 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2030. It is not enough for foreign visitors to get attractive local contents and information both on pre-trip and on a trip. NIPPON Passport is a tourism platform to solve this inconvenience.

In the future, we would like to enhance the quality of customer experiences and give “the next approach to connect with the world” to travelers looking forward to meeting our hometown and unique experiences.

Tharminder Singh: Director, NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd.

In today’s world with the ever-changing nature of technology. Starting from AI to Self-driving cars we see that people moving away from products and towards experiences/travel. Using technology and smart mechanisms to harness the value of bringing people together through tourism inbound and outbound. Creating a value proposition that helps drive the industry and new ways of attracting people and traffic and increasing business.

We see a future with the diminishing population of Japan, in which Japanese culture would be experienced by the whole world and a future Japan with a ratio of 1 Japanese to 1 Foreigner. We would like to be at the forefront capturing that vision.

NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd.

Head office


2-14-5-3F Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan






Nao Hashiguchi



January 2018



201,000,000 JPY (Including capital reserves)



Services for attracting foreign tourists



Support service for community revitalization and store redevelopment



Contact & Inquiries
NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd.
Masami Yokoyama
Public Relations
Tel: +81-36670-5186 / E-mail: pr@nippon-passport.com

Source: NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd.

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Our Service “NP Pass” (Graphic: Business Wire)


Shinsuke Hishiki: CEO, NIPPON Platform Co., Ltd. (Photo: Business Wire)


Nao Hashiguchi: President, NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd. (Photo: Business Wire)


Tharminder Singh: Director, NIPPON Passport Co., Ltd. (Photo: Business Wire)


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