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Feb. 18, 2021 06:52 UTC

Korean Pet Care Robot PEDDY Gains Popularity to Relieve Pets' Depression During COVID-19

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no sign of abating, a lot of people are suffering from depressions. The situation is no better for pets that have to stay home most of the time. Several useful products are out on the market that can relieve the stress of the companion animals unable to go out as much as before.

Pet care robot PEDDY launched by Guru IoT, Korea's IoT products developer, is drawing people's attention, leading to higher sales revenue for the company.

PEDDY the pet care robot, which is used in combination with a smartphone by placing it on the robot and establishing a connection through an app, can play with a pet, keep an eye on for safety accidents, and relieve the loneliness of a pet left home alone, as well as providing food at preset time intervals.

PEDDY, which is equipped with technology custom-tailored to the pets' needs, was developed by an idea to recycle old smartphones at the rate of 20 million a year in Korea and relieve the loneliness of pets left home alone.

PEDDY can play hide-and-seek with the pet using an IoT sensor on it while the owners are away from home. In addition, it can provide food at the desired amount in preset time intervals. The owner can talk with the pet through the smartphone's video screen while he/she is away. With a temperature and humidity sensor on the robot's hardware, the owner can receive an alert when an emergency situation arises.

The robot supports features including indoor self-driving using IoT, home closed-circuit TV, automatic feeder, and other supervision functionalities custom-tailored to each pet's needs.

For more information on the pet care robot PEDDY, please visit www.guruiot.com.


Guru IoT Co., Ltd.
Seongsu Yeo

Source: Guru IoT Co., Ltd.

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