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Sept. 13, 2021 07:00 UTC

Kyoto Semiconductor Announces New High-power Photovoltaic Power Converter

KPC8H-FC Achieves Three Times the Rated Value of the Optical Power Input Compared to Exiting Model

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Tsuneo Takahashi, Head office: Fushimi-ku, Kyoto city), a leading optical device solution manufacturer with world-class technologies and Japanese quality, has announced the new high-power photovoltaic power converter, KPC8H-FC.

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Kyoto Semiconductor KPC8H-FC High-power Photovoltaic Power Converter (Photo: Business Wire)

Kyoto Semiconductor KPC8H-FC High-power Photovoltaic Power Converter (Photo: Business Wire)

It has been 10 years since the company announced its existing model; KPC8-T optical power converter in 2011. Up to now, it has been adopted in various applications using optical power transmission*1 over optical fiber, such as the aircraft equipment, the equipment sensitive to electromagnetic noise, or the equipment in a remote place where the power transmission is difficult. The new high-power photovoltaic power converter KPC8H-FC has improved two features that many KPC8-T customers requested.

High Power: By improving the efficiency, the electrical output has been increased 1.3 times compared to our existing product*2 under the same optical input power. In addition, due to the improvement of heat dissipation, the rated value of the maximum optical power input has been tripled compared to that of conventional product*2. The new applications which require higher output can be enabled with KPC8H-FC.

Small Form Factor: While the existing product*2 is a pigtail module with single mode optical fiber, KPC8H-FC adopts the small form factor which is integrated in the FC receptacle. It can be directly attached to the operation panel of the equipment (panel mount). Since it saves space, it can contribute to the reduction of the equipment size.

Sample shipment of the KPC8H-FC high-power photovoltaic power converter is scheduled to begin on September 15, 2021, and mass production is expected to start on April 28, 2022.

For more information on KPC8H-FC, visit: https://www.kyosemi.co.jp/en/products/kpc8h-fc/

*1 Optical power transmission: A method of transmitting power using a photoelectric conversion element for laser light over an optical fiber cable or wireless. Since laser power transmission over optical fiber cables has less loss than metal wires and can be completely electrically isolated, it is possible to transmit power to outdoor equipment or remote equipment where the surge protection is required and the metal wires are difficult to use, or where the electromagnetic noise is strong.

*2 Kyoto Semiconductor’s current photovoltaic power converter KPC8-T: https://www.kyosemi.co.jp/en/products/kpc8-t/

About Kyoto Semiconductor
Kyoto Semiconductor was established in 1980 in Kyoto as a dedicated manufacturer of optical semiconductors. The semiconductors manufactured offer superlative performance and precision, suited for use in optical transmission. They are manufactured end-to-end, including pre- and post-processing, and together with Kyoto Semiconductor’s unique packaging technology, at our location in Japan and made available to customers around the world. Kyoto Semiconductor leads the industry with world-standard technologies for optical device solutions based on Japanese quality and attention to production detail.

Company Website: https://www.kyosemi.co.jp/

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Media Relations, Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Naoko Kodama
Email: Media_relation@kyosemi.co.jp

Source: Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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Kyoto Semiconductor KPC8H-FC High-power Photovoltaic Power Converter (Photo: Business Wire)


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