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Sept. 22, 2022 02:00 UTC

To address the shortage of talent in the retail industry, iDA Singapore is launching its Retail Ambassador Program to employ 1000 sales professionals

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In July 2022, iDA Singapore (iDA’SG), the Singapore branch of World Mode Holdings (WMH), a Japanese group that provides diverse solutions to the fashion and beauty industries, began to hire retail professionals and develop their skills through a unique training program to counter the human resource challenges facing ASEAN companies and job applicants in the retail industry. The Retail Ambassador Program was launched to connect professional retail staff with various companies in a flexible way that meets job requirements, such as length of employment, skill set and experience as a full-time employee. The target of our initial recruitment drive is 1000 workers, though we intend to expand the program as we diligently listen to feedback from companies and job applicants.

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iDA'SG Retail Ambassador Program image (Graphic: Business Wire)

iDA'SG Retail Ambassador Program image (Graphic: Business Wire)

Providing companies with efficient recruitment and job applicants with employment stability.

The rise of e-commerce in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and the return of foreign workers to their home countries have further exacerbated the shortage of talent in the retail industry. To mitigate the long established high turnover rate in the retail industry, companies have traditionally relied on short-term employees, which has resulted in a lack of training for sales professionals. For staff, this has meant being exposed to an unstable employment environment while also receiving good benefits.

iDA’SG has launched the Retail Ambassador Program to address the issues that arise from these practices. Through this initiative, iDA’SG hires staff looking for work in the retail industry and develops their skills through a unique training program. By simply issuing a request to iDA’SG, companies can secure the most suitable human resources for their working environment, without needing to conduct their own recruitment processes. In addition, with agreement from both parties, staff can transfer to the company in question, thereby reducing unsuitable matches between staff and companies.

In Japan, iDA has served more than 1,200 clients, including luxury brands, and 280,000 registered candidates over 20 years. Many customers and job applicants are already taking advantage of this program.

Training professional retail staff through iDA’SG’s unique skills development program

iDA’SG believes in continuous learning and skills development and has developed a number of educational courses on topics such as beauty, personal development and visual merchandising to ensure our responsiveness to the ever-changing retail industry. These training programs develop the skills of professional retail staff, enabling them to be Retail Ambassadors who can be assets to their workplaces from day one and contribute to an improvement in customer service.

For more information, please visit: http://rap.ida-sg.com/

About World Mode Holdings Group https://wmh.co.jp/english/

Established in 2012, World Mode Holdings Group is a one-stop consultancy for retailers in the fashion and luxury brand industry. It has a proven track record of enhancing businesses and footfall through tailored solutions for its impressive list of clients. It is also the established leader in job placements for retailers and retail staff in Japan.

About iDA Singapore https://ida-sg.com/

iDA Singapore (iDA’SG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Mode Holdings Group, and serves the Singapore market with the expertise from its parent company. It is World Mode Holding Group’s first overseas office. iDA’SG’s wide range of consultancy services include Learning Consulting, Retail Training, Train the Trainer Programs, Staff Recruitment, Career Guidance, Mystery Shopping Research, and Technology for Retail.


iDA Singapore
General Inquiries: Kate Boh kate-boh@wmh.co.jp
Media Inquiries: Angeline Yap angeline-yap@wmh.co.jp

Source: World Mode Holdings Co., Ltd.

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iDA'SG Retail Ambassador Program image (Graphic: Business Wire)


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