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March 14, 2023 02:10 UTC

Mitsubishi Electric Wins New Japanese Meteorological Satellite Contract

Company's fourth consecutive Himawari model expected to enhance weather disaster prevention

TOKYO--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503) announced today that it won the contract from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) to build the nation's newest geostationary meteorological satellite, known as the Himawari-10, which will be the fourth straight such satellite to be built by Mitsubishi Electric going back to the Himawari-7 some 20 years ago.

The Himawari-10 is a successor to the Himawari-8 and Himawari-9, which are currently operating in geostationary orbit. The JMA called for proposals for the procurement of the spacecraft, based on Japan’s Space Policy, to satellite manufactures of both Japan and overseas. Mitsubishi Electric was awarded the contract based on its extensive experience with satellites and the JMA's high evaluation of the company's proven DS2000 standard satellite platform and ground-data processing software.

Himawari-10 Features

1) Advanced equipment for expanded observation capabilities

  • Himawari-10 will be equipped with a visible infrared imager and a hyperspectral infrared sounder, both built by L3 Harris Technologies of the United States, and a space environment sensor from the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Japan (NICT).
  • The imager, which offers observation wavelength bands and resolutions superior to those of the Himawari-8 and 9, will gather two-dimensional information about cloud and water-vapor distribution, and land, sea and cloud temperatures based on frequent measurement of visible to infrared rays emitted from the earth’s surface.

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