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Nov. 15, 2023 10:00 UTC

Tenchijin Expedites Collaborations with Municipalities to Address Global Water Pipeline Management Challenges

TOKYO--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Tenchijin, an accredited space venture by JAXA, is pleased to announce its accelerated partnerships with multiple municipalities in Japan, marking a significant milestone in addressing global water pipeline management challenges. The fourth contract was recently signed, just six months after the launch of our groundbreaking product, KnoWaterleak. This robust response underscores the increasing demand and optimism surrounding the product’s potential to resolve the pressing issues faced by each municipality. Notably, Fukushima-shi, Seto-shi, Aomori-shi, and Maebashi-shi have already joined forces with Tenchijin.

Tenchijin COMPASS KnoWaterleak and its Objectives

Our water leakage risk management system, KnoWaterleak, was introduced with the primary goal of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of water management through the utilization of space big data. By integrating earth observation satellite data with various information maintained by water utilities, Tenchijin employs AI to evaluate leakage risks for 100-square-meter districts. The system has demonstrated a high leak detection rate in areas identified as high-risk.

Demonstrated Benefits and Sustainable Resource Management

Through a comprehensive demonstration experiment conducted in 2022 in collaboration with the Cabinet Office, coupled with tests involving municipalities, KnoWaterleak has exhibited substantial improvements. These include an estimated 65% reduction in inspection costs and up to 85% reduction in research duration. These results underscore the tangible effectiveness of KnoWaterleak.
Water pipeline leakage represents a formidable challenge globally. Factors such as aging water infrastructure, escalating maintenance costs, and limited budgets and resources exacerbate the severity of this issue. KnoWaterleak emerges as a beacon of hope, leveraging big data and AI to support public and private water utilities. Its impact includes reducing water leakage, minimizing non-revenue water, and streamlining water inspection and maintenance costs and time. This solution not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by municipalities but also aligns with the broader goal of sustainable resource management, showcasing the potential of big data and artificial intelligence in reshaping the landscape of water infrastructure management.


Tenchijin, Inc.
Yasuhito Sakuraba, CEO

Source: Tenchijin, Inc.

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