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Feb. 7, 2024 02:00 UTC

A New Snow Experience: “Yukichari” Snow Ride Now Available at Togari Onsen Ski Resort - Also, the Magical Yukichari Night Ride Under the Starry Sky!


IIYAMA, Japan--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Japan’s first fat bike snow activity, Yukichari, is now available at Togari Onsen Ski Resort as of Saturday, January 13, 2024, after a lack of snow delayed opening.

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Yukichari (Photo: Business Wire)

Yukichari (Photo: Business Wire)

Why we started Yukichari and its appeal

The Yukichari snow ride is the first winter sport in Japan and is only available at Togari Onsen Ski Resort. With the decline in people enjoying winter sports, we started to explore whether people could enjoy some snow activities other than skiing or snowboarding. We did not yet have an activity in Japan where people carry their bikes on the lift and then get on the bikes. We wondered if people can enjoy riding fat bikes on snow, which is popular in North America. So, we have decided to bring in a snow activity that offers new sensations, where you can ride freely around on top of the snow, using bikes, which many people know how to ride.

In the Yukichari ride, you can go up by the lift and enjoy a 2,000 meter-long-course and magnificent views from the slopes. As fat bikes with wide tires allow you to ride over the soft snow stably, everyone can enjoy this activity easily and safely.

The Yukichari ride is a remarkable activity offering a new standard for winter sports. We believe we can turn Togari Onsen Ski Resort into a mecca for Yukichari.

Yukichari Night Ride

We hold the Yukichari Night Ride event for a limited time, where you go downhill riding a fat bike or mountain bike on a ski slope lit up by the nighttime lighting.

While admiring the starry sky and the lights of the town that this night adventure affords, you can enjoy a totally different experience from the daytime.

If you have a headlamp or bike light, the Rinkan Course or the Tree Run Course, where floodlights cannot reach, become thrilling adventure courses. The lighting creates clear shadows on the slopes, making it easier to spot bumps and dips than during the daytime, so even beginners can ride worry-free.

About Togari Onsen Ski Resort

Togari Onsen Ski Resort also offers a wide variety of other attractions. We have a long, 2,500 m course that everyone, from beginners to advanced, can enjoy, a banked slalom course, a children’s area, and more, offering activities suitable for all age ranges. After enjoying your day on the slopes, you can refresh by bathing in our natural hot spring and enjoying the local cuisine we offer. Whether on a day trip or overnight, we can provide the ultimate winter experiences.

Overview of facility

Facility name: Togari Onsen Ski Resort
Operator: Togari Onsen Ski Resort Inc.
Address: 6356 Toyoda, Iiyama, Nagano, 389-2411
(See https://togari.jp/winter/en/access_en/ for details on how to get here.)
Tel.: +81-(0)269-65-2359
URL: https://togari.jp/winter/en/


Togari Onsen Ski Resort Inc.
Tel.: +81-(0)269-65-2359

Source: Togari Onsen Ski Resort Inc.

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Yukichari (Photo: Business Wire)

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