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July 10, 2024 17:00 UTC

Asyatt. Inc. Begins 2 Billion Yen Fundraising

Pioneering New Opportunities in Snow Resort Hospitality from Niseko to the World

NISEKO, Japan--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Niseko-based Asyatt. Inc. (Headquarters: Kutchan Town, Hokkaido, CEO: Issei Watanabe), specializing in luxury hospitality for the UHNW (Ultra-high-net-worth) clients, has announced to launch a 2 billion yen fundraising effort. This decision was made at an extraordinary shareholders' meeting held on May 22, 2024, with the goal of enhancing its service quality and expanding the Japanese luxury travel market.

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Asyatt. is a Travel Experience Partner designing one-of-a-kind experiences. (Photo: Business Wire)

Asyatt. is a Travel Experience Partner designing one-of-a-kind experiences. (Photo: Business Wire)

Market Opportunities and Growth Potential

Japan's tourism market is rapidly recovering, especially in the high-end sector, which holds untapped growth potential. Niseko is becoming a premier destination for the UHNW travelers worldwide for its finest snow quality and abundant tourist resources.

Asyatt. is currently leveraging its extensive expertise in maximizing tourism spending in snow resorts including Niseko.

This fundraising targets businesses and funds interested in the luxury market, resorts, and regional revitalization through inbound tourism. Additionally, Asyatt. is recruiting advisory board members and hands-on team members to join its forward-looking initiatives.

Asyatt.'s Growth Strategy

Through this fundraising round, Asyatt. aims to advance five key initiatives:

  1. Partnerships with Global High-end Brands: Positioning Niseko as a world-class resort, Asyatt. plans to close the revenue gap between Niseko and renowned Western resorts by leveraging the influence of global high-end brands. Past collaborations including exclusive events with luxury champagne brands and premium property providers will be further expanded.
  2. Expansion to Overseas Snow Resorts: Asyatt. sees significant potential in Asia's underdeveloped snow resorts. The company plans to introduce its expertise in creating outdoor content beyond ski resorts to these growing markets.
  3. Securing Assets in Niseko: With the growing development of Niseko resorts, there is a pressing need for commercial facilities. Asyatt. will use its hospitality expertise to secure real estate assets, strengthening the company’s foundation.
  4. Developing and Operating Hospitality Content for Regional Revitalization: In order to address various challenges of the rural markets, Asyatt. seeks to enhance the add-value of the travel contents and per capita tourist spending at such markets. Asyatt. will re-evaluate and enhance tourism content, maximizing revenue by combining strengths across different locations.
  5. Cross-selling to Existing Clients: Asyatt. will offer cross-selling opportunities to its clients, promoting other tourism destinations where it has contributed in content development.

These initiatives aim to increase revenue, diversify income sources, tap into new markets, and strengthen existing services. This growth will be supported by operational efficiency improvements and the acquisition of specialized talent.

Message from the CEO

To date, Asyatt. has been building a brand that resonates with international high-net-worth individuals, in Niseko. To further improve our services and promote inbound tourism across Japan, we have decided to seek new partners. We aim to attract investors who share our long-term vision and growth aspirations, rather than those seeking short-term gains.

Our business, which has been welcomed and supported by local residents, businesses, municipalities, and international visitors to Niseko, places great importance on collaborating with partners and investors who value our brand and share our mid- to long-term strategy.

We strive for genuine regional revitalization without relying on subsidies, aiming to coexist with the local community. We aspire to set a model case to move away from the images of "discounted Japan." We look forward to your support in our new capital partnership efforts.

About Asyatt.

Asyatt. is a Travel Experience Partner designing one-of-a-kind experiences. Asyatt. operates in partnership with Hedell Group, branding Japan’s cultural assets to global standards through with Japanese companies.

  • Company Name: Asyatt. Inc.
  • CEO: Issei Watanabe
  • Headquarters: Odin Place 3F, 3-12, 1-chome, Hirafu, Niseko, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 044-0080
  • Founded: June 2021
  • Capital: 86.3 million yen
  • Employees: 20 (including contractors, part-time, and temporary staff)
  • Business Activities: Tour advisory, restaurant operation
  • Major Shareholder: Hedell Group Ltd
  • Website: Hedell Group , Asyatt.
  • Instagram: Asyatt. Niseko

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Asyatt. Inc.

Source: Asyatt.

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Asyatt. is a Travel Experience Partner designing one-of-a-kind experiences. (Photo: Business Wire)

Indulge in a lovely afternoon tea at a private Snowtable. (Photo: Business Wire)

Niseko luxury stay with the ultimate snow experience. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Flats. - an iconic venue embodying Asyatt.’s brand philosophies. (Photo: Business Wire)

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