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July 3, 2024 17:00 UTC

Indulge in Opulence: Discover The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama and Its Authentic Local Experiences

YOKOHAMA, Japan--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama cordially invites tourists to experience a blend of luxurious dining options and unique local activities that showcase the vibrant culture and history of Yokohama.

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Hanachazen (Photo: Business Wire)

Hanachazen (Photo: Business Wire)

The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama: Redefining Luxury

The hotel sets a new standard for luxury in Yokohama, blending ‘Crystal Modern' design with captivating city views and tranquil waterfront vistas in elegantly appointed rooms and suites. Guests can indulge in world-class dining at restaurants, enjoy the fitness center and spa, and experience exceptional service for a memorable stay.

Enjoy the “New Hanachazen Summer Festival” Lunch Menu at Japanese Cuisine Hanagoyomi of The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama

Located on the third floor, "Japanese Cuisine Hanagoyomi" offers private dining rooms. Chef Nobuhiro Aoki's popular afternoon tea, "Hama Chazen," is now "New Hanachazen," a delightful lunch option featuring a variety of dishes. The lunch includes a soup made from a three-tiered box celebrating Yokohama's late Edo period fusion and concludes with a rich pudding made from Kanagawa's Keiju eggs and seasonal fruit desserts. Guests can also enjoy fully ripened pineapple shaved tableside. With private rooms overlooking the water garden, Hanagoyomi creates lasting memories for elevating guests’ dining experience. Additionally, Wine Spectator, the world's most influential wine magazine, has honored Hanagoyomi with the "Best of Award Excellence" in the Restaurant Awards 2024, recognizing the best wine lists of restaurants worldwide.

Delve into the Vibrant Pulse of Yokohama with an Exclusive Offering from The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama:

Yokohama, Japan's second-largest city, is a vibrant blend of modernity and tradition, boasting a bustling port and rich history. Yokohama offers authentic and cultural experiences for travelers through its iconic waterfront, historic districts, lively entertainment, and culinary scenes. Among these, guests can elevate their cultural immersion with exquisite performances and traditional art, such as the Yokohama Geisha encounter, which provides a unique window into Japan's cultural heritage that adds timeless elegance to the city's rich tapestry.

Another is the bustling marketplace, where the essence of Yokohama's commerce and culture converge. Led by knowledgeable guides, guests will have the unique opportunity to witness the intricate operations and vibrant atmosphere of the market and engage in enlightening conversations.


[Media Contact]
Mariko Matsuno
Marketing & Communications Director
The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama

Source: The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama

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Hanachazen (Photo: Business Wire)

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