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July 11, 2024 00:30 UTC

Gunze "GEOPLAS® HCX1 23 Micron", the Most Lightweight Shrink Film, Adopted for Beverage Shrink Label in DyDo DRINCO

-New ways to reduce environmental impact with shrink film-

OSAKA, Japan--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Gunze Limited (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, President: Toshiyasu Saguchi) [Tokyo:3002] is pleased to announce that it has launched "GEOPLAS® HCX1 23 Micron", the lightest hybrid shrink film in Japan, which has now been adopted for use in PET bottled beverages sold by DyDo DRINCO.
Gunze continues to promote the use of Japan's lightest shrink film in the market and to increase the proportion of recycled materials, aiming to realize a recycling-oriented society by reducing the amount of plastic used and effectively utilizing resources.

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Luxury fragrant iced black tea & Luxury fragrant iced green tea (Photo: Business Wire)

Luxury fragrant iced black tea & Luxury fragrant iced green tea (Photo: Business Wire)

GEOPLAS® HCX1 23 Micron has been adopted by DyDo DRINCO for PET beverage bottles.

This will be used for the production of "Luxury fragrance iced black tea" in July. There are also plans to expand this to "Luxury fragrance iced green tea".

About GEOPLAS® HCX1 23 Micron shrink film

The product is a polystyrene/polyethylene terephthalate multilayer product using our unique multilayer oriented film technology. It is widely used worldwide as shrink labels for PET bottled beverages, food, cosmetics, home & personal care products and other products. The product has both polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate advantages such as excellent shrink appearance, perforation suitability, heat resistance, content resistance and stiffness.

[Product features]


Label weight: Lightest weight shrink film for automatic sleeve applicators in Japan (Approximately 10% lighter than the lightest conventional film).


*Gunze research.


Shrinkability: Good shrinkability. Maximum shrink of 70%, suitable for complex-shaped bottles.


Perforability: Good perforability and Easy to peel along the perforation line.


Use of recycled materials: Approximately 1% of the printing waste generated by converters is recycled, and at least 5% of the raw materials are chemically recycled using the mass balance method.

About our resource recycling strategy

Phase 1 In-house post-industrial recycling
Gunze has transformed its Moriyama Plant, which manufactures shrink film and other products, into a zero-emission plant that produces no plastic waste.
The Moriyama Plant is expected to achieve zero waste by the end of FY2024.
Phase 2: Off-site post-industrial recycling
The GEOPLAS® HCX1 now being offered contains film made from collected post-printing waste generated by our sister converting company, Gunze Packaging Systems. And the company intends to expand this initiative to other manufacturing facilities such as converters and PET bottled beverages in the near future.
Phase 3 Post-Consumer Recycling
The company will contribute to a resource-recycling society by collecting post-consumer labels from the market and using them as raw materials for film production.

Marketing Strategy

The company will gradually increase the recycling rate, aiming to achieve 100% recycling rate by 2030. The company will also expand our thick product line and promote its development in the food and toiletries markets.

About Gunze Plastic Film Business

Gunze, founded in Kyoto in 1896, is a leading developer and manufacturer of plastic films, engineering plastics, medical devices and apparel. Gunze employs more than 4,800 people in 10 countries worldwide.
The Plastic Film business, established in 1962, has a substantial footprint over 20 countries. It has three manufacturing facilities in Japan, and subsidiaries in the U.S., Vietnam and China. Gunze’s mission will continue to be centered on advancing the quality of life by providing innovative products and solutions.


A leading Japanese beverage company, it offers a wide range of products focusing on coffee and carbonated beverages under the brand message "Delicious for the mind and body". Since its establishment in 1975, the company has continued to provide high quality beverages and is best known for brands such as "Dydo Blend". The company is also committed to sustainable business practices and is actively involved in the development of environmentally friendly vending machines (LOVE the EARTH Venders), product development and the promotion of recycling.


Gunze Limited, Corporate Communication Department
Shinji Nonaka
TEL: +81-6-6348-1314
HP: https://www.gunze.co.jp/english/support/


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Luxury fragrant iced black tea & Luxury fragrant iced green tea (Photo: Business Wire)

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