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Researchers Aim to Reproduce Japanese Voyage 30,000 Yrs Ago

Researchers Aim to Reproduce Japanese Voyage 30,000 Yrs Ago

   Tokyo, Feb. 9 (Jiji Press)--A team of Japanese researchers said Tuesday that it will launch a project to reproduce a voyage that Japanese made about 30,000 years ago.
   According to the team led by Yosuke Kaifu, head of the Division of Human Evolution at the National Museum of Nature and Science, some ancient Japanese are likely to have traveled by ship or raft from Taiwan to the Sakishima island chain in Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan.
   The team also includes researchers at such institutes as the Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, Nanzan University and the University of Tokyo, as well as explorers.
   They plan to build either a ship made of bundled grass or a bamboo raft and set out on experimental voyages from the island of Yonaguni to the island of Iriomote, both in Okinawa, in July this year, and from Taiwan to Yonaguni in July 2017.
   The total cost will be approximately 50 million yen, of which 20 million yen needed for the voyage this summer will be covered by donations from the public. The team will solicit for contributions on the Internet until April 12 and repay all the collected funds if the donations fail to reach the target.

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