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Japan House in London to Promote Rural Areas

Japan House in London to Promote Rural Areas

   London, May 31 (Jiji Press)--Japan House, a government-run public relations hub, in London began soliciting ideas Wednesday for events to introduce the attractions of Japan's rural areas.
   The move is designed to lure foreign visitors not only to big cities but also to rural areas in Japan, following the easing of restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.
   Japan House will look for ideas for events to introduce unknown local attractions in various fields, including arts, crafts and food. It will solicit applications from Japanese local governments, tourism associations and companies. Japan House will allow successful applicants to use its facilities and equipment free of charge. Even local governments with small budgets will be able to promote their regions' attractions with little burden, officials said.
   Jun Jinushi, head of the London office of the Japan National Tourism Organization, who joined the latest initiative, said that the audience reacted favorably to a performance of the "orin" Buddhist bell by a craftsman last year. The event was hosted by the central Japan prefecture of Toyama.
   "We want to provide deep information to British people who have a strong interest in Japan and invite them to local areas," Jinushi said.

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