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"3rd-Segment" Drinks Top Beer in Jan.-June Sales in Japan for First Time
Tokyo Forex (5 P.M.): U.S. Dollar=106.84-85 Yen; Euro=1.1279-1280 Dollars
100,000-Yen COVID-19 Benefits per Person Distributed to 84% of Japan Households
Japan's "Go To Travel" Campaign to Start July 22, Moved Up from Early August
Tokyo Stocks (Closing): Nikkei Average 22,290.81 (-238.48)
Vice Transport Minister Shows JR Tokai Plans to Break Maglev Work Deadlock
Japan Producer Prices in June Fall 1.6% Yr/Yr, Rise 0.6% from Previous Month
Tokyo Stocks (Morning Close): Nikkei Average 22,476.74 (-52.55)
Fast Retailing, Operator of Uniqlo Clothing Shops, Sees 9-Month Profit Drop 42%
Japan to End Financial Aid in Principle for Coal-Fired Power Plant Exports
NY Stocks (Thursday Closing): Dow 25,706.09 (-361.19); Nasdaq 10,547.75 (+55.25)
Tokyo Forex (5 P.M.): U.S. Dollar=107.24-25 Yen; Euro=1.1336-1338 Dollars
BOJ Cuts Economic Views for All 9 Regions of Japan for 2nd Straight Quarter
Japan's M3 Money Stock Hits Record 1,442 T. Yen in June amid Virus Crisis
Tokyo Stocks (Closing): Nikkei Average 22,529.29 (+90.64)
Toshiba Starts Sales of Cyberspace Vehicle Development Cloud System
US Long-Established Closing Retailer Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy
Japan Core Machinery Orders Up 1.7 Pct in May, Rising for 1st Time in 3 Months
Tokyo Stocks (Morning Close): Nikkei Average 22,486.01 (+47.36)
Japanese Retailer Aeon Logs Record Net Loss of 53.9 B. Yen in March-May
Japan Nonlife Insurers to Raise Premiums by 6-8 Pct after Frequent Disasters
NY Stocks (Wed. Closing): Dow 26,067.28 (+177.10); Nasdaq 10,492.50 (+148.61)
780 Firms in Japan Go Bust in June, Highest Monthly Total So Far This Year
Japan Economy Watcher Sentiment Jumps in June after Lifting of Virus Emergency
Tokyo Forex (5 P.M.): U.S. Dollar=107.47-49 Yen; Euro=1.1288-1289 Dollars
Itochu to Launch 580-B.-Yen Tender Offer for Convenience Store Chain FamilyMart
Tokyo Stocks (Closing): Nikkei Average 22,438.65 (-176.04)
Toyota Resumes Operations at 3 Plants in Downpour-Hit Fukuoka Pref.
Japan Index of Coincident Economic Indicators for May Lowest in Nearly 11 Years
Tokyo Stocks (Morning Close): Nikkei Average 22,571.55 (-43.14)
Japan Bank Loans Grow Record 6.8 Pct in June amid New Coronavirus Epidemic
Japan's Current Account Surplus in May Falls 27.9 Pct Yr/Yr to 1,176.8 B. Yen
NY Stocks (Tuesday Closing): Dow 25,890.18 (-396.85); Nasdaq 10,343.89 (-89.76)
JR East Looking to Differentiate Train Fares by Time of Day
Japan May Household Consumption Down 16.2% amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Tokyo Forex (5 P.M.): U.S. Dollar=107.63-64 Yen; Euro=1.1285-1286 Dollars
S. Korea Blames Japan's Tighter Semiconductor Material Export Controls at WTO
World Faces Worst Crisis since Great Depression: Japan Trade White Paper
Tokyo Stocks (Closing): Nikkei Average 22,614.69 (-99.75)
Japan End-June Foreign Reserves at $1,383.1 B., Rewriting Record High for 6th Mo
Japan Real Wage Index Down 2.1% in May, Steepest Fall since June 2015
Tokyo Stocks (Morning Close): Nikkei Average 22,587.73 (-126.71)
Japan Household Spending in May Tumbles 16.2%, Down for 8th Straight Month
Japan Department Store Takashimaya Slips into Red in 1st Quarter for 1st Time
NY Stocks (Monday Closing): Dow 26,287.03 (+459.67); Nasdaq 10,433.65 (+226.02)
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Suga Reiterates Japan Govt Will Not Declare COVID-19 Emergency Again Soon
"3rd-Segment" Drinks Top Beer in Jan.-June Sales in Japan for First Time
Japan Pro Baseball Starts to Accept Spectators with Eased COVID-19 Restrictions
63 People Confirmed Dead a Week after Heavy Rains in Kyushu; 16 Still Missing