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Narita Airport Passengers in Dec. Top 2 Million for 1st Time in Nearly 3 Years
Japan Govt Panel Members Call for Continuing to Offer Free COVID-19 Vaccinations
Japan Starts Electronic Prescription System for Online Sharing of Drug Records
Japan Govt's Spy Satellite Successfully Launched
6 Inagi House Robbery Suspects Arrested; Police Looking at Link with "Luffy"
NPA Eyes Removal of Online Gun DIY Manuals, Murder Requests, Robber Recruitment
Mastermind Dubbed Luffy in Philippines Seen behind Series of Robberies in Japan
18-Year-Old Arrested in Chiba Pref. after Allegedly Slashing at Delivery Man
Home Security Inquiries Rise after String of Robberies in Japan
Japan Logs 78,796 New COVID-19 Cases Wed., Down by Some 44,000 Week on Week
Japan Top Court Finds 2021 General Election Constitutional over Vote-Value Gaps
Justin Bieber Sells Rights to His Songs Including "Baby," "Sorry" for $200 M.
NASA to Develop Nuclear Rocket Engine for Future Manned Exploration of Mars
SoftBank Group Fails to Report 37 B. Yen in Income, Corrects Tax Declaration
14-Yr-Old Kure Boys Nabbed for Alleged Jewelry Shop Robbery Resulting in Injury
16 JR West Trains Temporarily Stranded between Stations Due to Heavy Snow
Heavy Snow Hits Japan, Mainly in Areas on Sea of Japan Side of Country
Japan Reports 83,353 New COVID-19 Cases Tues., Down by some 46,000 Week on Week
Attack Threats Sent by Fax to Some 300 Universities, High Schools across Japan
Ukrainian Govt Officials Inspect Mine Removal Equipment in Japan
Nidec Sues Japanese Magazine Publisher Diamond over Report on Chairman Nagamori
S. Korean Govt's Wartime Labor Compensation Proposal Backed by Only 30% at Home
Tokyo Police Arrest PR Official of TBS TV for Alleged Use of Illegal Drug
Japan Govt Asks TV Personnel Dewi Scarno to Stop Visiting Ukraine
Lawyers Appeal against High Court Acquittal of Ex-TEPCO Execs over N-Accident
Other 2 Nakano Robbery Suspects Nabbed; Link with Bloody Komae Case under Probe
Kumamoto Court Orders Japan Govt to Pay Damages over Forced Sterilization
Japan Daily COVID-19 Cases Fall below 40,000 Mon. for 1st Time Since Nov. 14
Japan Holds Ceremony to Mark Launch of Aerial Reconnaissance Unit at Misawa Base
Makoto Shinkai's Animated Movie "Suzume" Entered in Berlin Competition
Tokyo's Daily Count of New COVID-19 Cases below 3,000 for 1st Time since Oct. 31
Japan Warns of Strongest Cold Spell This Season So Far until Around Thurs.
About 80% of China's Population Infected with Coronavirus: China Expert
At Least 10 Killed in Dance Club Shooting in California
Sunday's Fire at Apartment in Kobe Leaves 4 Dead, 3 in Critical Condition
Kinkakuji in Kyoto to Raise Admission Fees for 1st Time in 30 Years in April
Japan Wins Biennial Pastry World Cup in Lyon, Marking Its 1st Victory in 16 Yrs
Japan Reports 63,844 New COVID-19 Cases Sun., Down by Some 43,000 Week on Week
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Japan Govt to Formally Decide Fri. to Lower COVID-19 Classification under Law
Toyota to Promote Koji Sato to Pres.; Incumbent Akio Toyoda to Become Chairman
NBA: Rui Hachimura Scores 12 Points in Lakers Debut as Lakers Beat Spurs 113-104
Narita Airport Passengers in Dec. Top 2 Million for 1st Time in Nearly 3 Years